Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rhyme of two birds

Two birds known each other,
 For a very long time.

 Once one hate the other, 
 but fades after some time. 

And they love each other.
After all the hard time.

  Seperated for some time,
 but still love each other. 

After waiting a long time, 
Now they promise each other,
to the end of time, 
They will love each other xd 

Our clansmate engaged xd

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Equation of Life, love sad and happy xd

Today i read this post in FB from groupon post xd Life + love = happy life - love = sad SO.... Life = happy - love AND.... - love = sad - life so LIFE = happy + sad - LIFE 2 LIFE = happy + sad Life = 1/2 happy + 1/2 sad LOL xd

Monday, March 7, 2011

A new day A new beginning

That's it! I am going to change to a whole new person from today onwards!

Have you encountered a day like this? telling yourself that it is time to change! Taking all the courage and guts to just do what you think it is right at that very moment of time. *I bet you have*

It is this leap that we take in our lives that makes us who we are now as compared as who we are in the past. Never ever judge a person based on the person who they are in the past but what they are in the present. It is in no doubt that the first impression is always the deepest; however the 9 out of 10, the first impression is always a disaster because we try too hard. *might not be true*

Life is impermanent. It exist in a space of a breath. Life ends when the breathing stops. So we must cherish every moment we have in the present!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 oct 2010

Epic dota quote of the day

one guy say :
you guys plant a spy on our side a
so scared die then switch it here (opponent)

our response :
dint u pick him than the other guy?

his reponse :

Monday, September 6, 2010

I wanna watch this show

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10th of July or 9th of July

9 and 10th of July pls make yourself free xd pls attend emma's 21 birthday xd
it is at night at traders hotel near KLCC

1. yes u can bring your gfs if there
2. pls confirm before 6th of july
3. is a buffe ( dont wear beach shirt pls)
4. extra activity depends whether she got or not
5. check dis name list for me pls see i missed out any1

Darren, Zheng Shan, Jin Hang, Kevin , Kok Ket, Haow Kang, Kok Yuen, ben, Justin + gf, freddy, john,

(IS ONLY ! DAY EITHER 10 or 9 MOST PROBABLY 10 just incase)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

18th december


18th december

sams birthday party start at 8 so.................
gather at any1 house to carpool and reach gardens latest 8.30
(this is real time no addition)
the restaurant at yuzu

KY -> u can fetch your gf and wait my house or go my house then fetch your gf up to u

guys -> KK is asking for movie any1 1 2 watch movie before that? (edited : watching either avatar or storm warrior II, others are backup plan, need to go early to get tix, if not give other suggestions)

any1 got allergy to prawn or salmon pls tell d guy b4 your food is served
those who dont eat raw also the same

wear casual is jsut a jap restaurant but pls jeans la xd

overnighting -> sorry dessu i need some help

can u guys bring at least 4 pillow

sorry i only got spare 3 pillow + 1 for my self

ok the overnight right since the party end late i dunno d lights of d pool will be on or not so if 1 2 swim bring your trunks xd

bring a towel for yourself and toothbrush ( i only got 3 spare)
and any other hygene stuff xd

19th dec

in the monring can go to paparich or nasi kandar bestari for break fast
then can follow us to comic fiesta
(free till seven pm)
at 7 pm is jean hwei birthday party wear casual again is her 21st birthday
then every1 go back or overnight 2nd night oso mou man tai xd